• Would like to introduce Industrial Trading Co., since last 30 years we are acting as an
  • Exporter, Importers, Manufactures, Representatives & Indenters.

We/ Industrial Trading Co., are Indenting / Trading House of Steel products, Workshop Machines Tools and exporting various kind of commodities including Rough Semi Precious Stones, Fluorspar and Himalayan Natural Rock Salt from the world’s second largest and oldest salt mine in Pakistan.

With our extensive experience in International Trade, we offer broad range to reduce Buyers risk by keeping consistent excellent quality, timely deliveries and as well as competitive price.










Industrial Trading Co. manufacturing and Trading proficiency

We have some main customers who have cooperated with us to develop new “Original Equipment Manufacturer” items in our own manufacturing factory with complete molding facilities by using Iron, Steel, Brass and Aluminum .commodities


Of Products Import



Brass / Aluminum precision parts
Industrial Trading Co., are a moving ahead firm engaged in themanufacture and export of brass and aluminum  Free Cutting Steel, Machining Precision component, range  1mm – 42mm on CNC Lathe/ CNC Swiss type Lathe, Automatic Traub, Bechler Tornos etc. we are providing  turned and punched components as per customer’s specifications anddrawings.

Himalayan Natural Rock Salt products
We are also manufacturers of complete range of Himalayan Natural Rock Salt and its products.  We also make Himalayan Natural Rock Salt products as per customer’s specifications and drawings.

we are looking forward to further expanding our booming business to all corners of the world! 

Rough Stones / Rough Semi Precious Stones and Fluorspar, also Exporter of complete range of Himalayan Natural Rock salt and its products. With our own factory located within the most ancient and prestigious salt mine in the world, which enables us to make all kinds of natural and handcrafted salt products. With over a decade of experience in Industrial Trading Co. are one of the leading manufacturers , exporting and already many satisfied customers in Canada,  USA,  Japan,  South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong, China, Australia, UK, France, Germany Spain and Eastern Europe,

We deals in all Sort of Workshop Machine Tools / CNC Wire Cut / Drilling Machine/ CNC Lathe etc
We deals in steel products such as like Steel Tubes, Steel Bars, Steel Hollow Bars, Hot Rolled Plates, Profile Seamless Tube/ Pipes , Alloy Bars ( Round / Square )  Slabs/ Billets, Brass Rods, Aluminum Wire etc


  • We’ve been working with Industrial Trading Co 2006. It’ been an excellent relationship.
    Barney Moore
  • Industrial Trading Co has been absolutely amazing. They are very professional. They’ve gotten to know us and what we want and anticipate our needs. It’s a full partnership.
    Randy Nicklson . ATC resident manager co.
  • We at Nutrition Cottage would like to thank you for all the personal support and follow up you have given us in the past few years. You have always been very prompt with any and all questions with very informative answers. All of your products from the soaps, bath and foot salts to the lamps have sold very well. In fact, even better than we anticipated.
    Randy Nicklson . ATC resident manager co.