Origin of Himalaya Salt

It is claimed that the “magic salt” is coming from the Karakorum (Ferreira, 2002). However, as pointed out by the group TourismWatch (No.28 and No.30) there is no salt mine to be found anywhere in this Himalayan region. Most of the salt was coming from the second largest salt mine in the world, in Pakistan

Essential Ingredient

Salt is an essential ingredient in food. It is used, not only to develop its taste, but to preserve food, reducing the likelihood of food poisoning. In addition, salt also performs a number of vital functional roles within food such as a binder, texturiser and fermentation control agent

Essential Mineral

Salt is an essential mineral components of a healthy, balanced diet, helping the body to perform vital functions Most scientists agree that there is no evidence that reducing salt intake is beneficial to the general population

Salt Critics

The Government and other salt critics have lost sight of the bigger picture on health. Obesity and lack of exercise are two of the biggest barriers to improving the Health of the Nation.

In addition, salt is used in manufacturing an estimated 14,000 products. 

We have found six main catagories

  • Chemical Feed Stock

  • Human Nutrition

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Winter Road way safety

  • Water Conditioning

  • Other Industries