We imports heavy or non-portable power driven industrial and cottages machines

We Essentially Import

Industrial Trading Co are a moving ahead firm engaged in the manufacture and export of brass and aluminum components fasteners. We boast of offering supreme quality brass and aluminum components. With the objective to cater to the exact requirements of the customers, we are providing brass aluminum turned or punched components as per customer’s specifications and drawings.

  • Electric Connectors

  • Brass Inserts for Plastic Molding

  • Brass Electrical/Electronic Connectors & Sockets

  • Brass & Aluminum Core Vents

  • Brass & M.S. Thermo Couple Accessories

  • Tapping Machines

  • Brass Turning Parts

  • Sheet Metal Parts in Brass & Copper

  • Brass & M.S. Screws

  • Precision Brass & mild steel & Aluminum turning parts

  • Brass Casting and Forging Parts

  • Brass Sheet Cutting Parts

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